Discover where your food comes from and how supporting local producers can help create a more healthy, just, and sustainable food system.

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Farmers Market Treats for Mother's Day

Show your mom how loved she is this year with beautiful and tasty gifts from the farmers market.

Old Dog Ranch: New Branches on the Family Tree

Fifth-generation farm Old Dog Ranch brings sustainably grown walnuts and more to the Ferry Plaza.

Meet CUESA's Board President, Cathy Curtis

Cathy Curtis her brings years of financial savvy, passion for good food, and boundless enthusiasm to CUESA.

Relive the Magic of Goatchella

You survived #Goatchella and all you got was a silly T-shirt—and lots of adorable goat pictures, to boot!

Sustainable A-Z

Our A to Z exhibit is a series of vibrant eight-by-eight foot photomurals under the arches in front of the Ferry Building. Each letter introduces a concept in sustainable agriculture.

Animals that graze on pastureland eat a diverse and natural diet. They grow healthier and stronger than animals raised in conventional feedlots. Meat and dairy products from these pasture-fed animals are more nutritious than factory-farmed foods. On small farms, animals such as goats, sheep and cows eat weeds and supply a natural fertilizer. Huge livestock feedlots put out large emissions of methane gas, but grazing animals on rangeland reduces that substantially.


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