White Crane Springs Ranch

Market Days




Joseph Minocchi and his wife Kyung, along with 3 seasonal employees.


82 acres of forest, about 5 of which has been terraced and is farmed, in Healdsburg, about 75 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Joseph bought his land in 1979, and in the 1980s, having had a long interest in horticulture, began supplying flowers and flowering branches to florists. He began selling at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in the early 1990s and was encouraged by a chef friend to start growing edibles. The farm’s wild and herbal salad mix has gained a following, and the farm now produces other herbs and greens as well. Joseph describes his farming methods as Biodynamic. Synthetic chemicals are never used on the farm.




He maintains and improves the fertility of his soils by mulching extensively and applying lots of the rich compost the farm produces.

Water Use

All plants are watered with untreated, pure spring water.

Pest Management

To manage pests, Joseph maintains habitat for beneficial insects, rotates crops, and weeds by hand.

Fun Fact

White Crane Springs Ranch has a nationwide following: restaurants from as far as New York serve the farm’s greens.


Healdsburg, California


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