Thomas Farm

Market Days




Josh and Kari Thomas, along with at least 10 farmworkers and 10 market sellers (all are year-round).


46 acres in Corralitos, about 86 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Josh’s father, Jerry, bought the farmland in the early 1970s and was one of the founding members of California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Jerry Thomas retired in 2004, but the family has continued using the practices he established, like planting an incredible diversity of crops to reduce pests, crop rotation to avoid soil depletion, and adding at least 12 tons of compost per acre every year. At 10 pages, the farm’s certified product list is the longest in Santa Cruz County.

The Thomases see sustainability as extending beyond farming practices. They have strong relationships with workers and pay livable wages. They also work like to reuse their tools and equipment for as long as possible, repairing items such as drip tape and floating row covers to prolong their utility.


Global Culture


Sandy loam soil augmented with compost.

Water Use

Drip irrigation with occasional supplementation from sprinklers.

Weed Control

Hand weeding with hoes, occasional tractor cultivation.

Pest Management

Cinch traps for gophers and “black fox” repeating traps for ground squirrels. All of the land is deer fenced. Insect damage is minimal due to crop biodiversity.

Fun Fact

Thomas Family Farm grows more than 400 varieties of dahlias, in every color except blue, which doesn’t exist in nature.


Corralitos, California


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