Sukhi's Gourmet Indian Foods

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Sukhi Singh, her husband Surinder Singh, and their 3 children, along with 40 full-time employees.


Sukhi launched her first Indian “deli tub” paste at the famed Berkeley Bowl in 1993. During this early phase, she and her family cooked in a rented kitchen one day a week to supply her few vendors. The other days of the week Sukhi was out pounding the pavement in her traditional Indian garb to build the business’s customers. Since then, the business has grown significantly, now supplying numerous stores and selling at several farmers’ markets. Sukhi’s recipes are her own, many adapted from ones she learned growing up in India. All products are made by hand.


Sukhi’s sources their ingredients from a variety of Bay Area-based suppliers that resell products produced nationally and internationally. They use organic flour in their whole wheat Naan and organic tofu. All oil used in their products is expeller-pressed canola oil from Canada.

Fun Fact

Just about every college friend of Sukhi's children can add selling Indian food at the farmers market to their resume.


Hayward, California


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