Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

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Larry Peter along with his parents (Georgia and Virgil), brothers (Gary and Tom), nephew (Virgil), and 20 full-time employees.


320 acres in Petaluma, about 45 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Larry grew up in Sebastopol, where his parents had 18 acres with a complete garden. Most of their food came from the farm where they milked cows, harvested vegetables, made cheese, butchered their own meat, canned and preserved for the winter.

Larry Peter started Spring Hill Dairy in 1987, and began producing farmstead cheeses in 1998. His herd of Jersey cows is part of what sets him apart from other commercial dairies. Because Jerseys produce a lower yield of milk than the typical dairy cow―the Holstein―Jersey cows are now rare in commercial dairy operations. Their milk is richer than that of Holsteins, making for delicious and creamy cheese. Spring Hill produces a wide range of cheeses, from Fresh Curd, Ricotta and Quark to aged Cheddars and Monterey Jacks. They also produce specialty cheeses such as Giana, Spring Hill Breeze, and herbed and flavored variations.


California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF) since 2006



Water Use

Potatoes and grains (for silage) are dry-farmed without irrigation.

Pest Management

No chemicals or sprays used on the farm.

Fun Fact

Larry Peter originally sold potatoes at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


Petaluma, California


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