Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm

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John and Armen Carlon and 2 or 3 seasonal interns, along with 60 seasonal employees.


9 of 60 acres are actively farmed in Forest Ranch, about 190 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

John and Armen purchased their farm in 1986, after John studied agriculture in college and farmed overseas in Saudi Arabia. They decided to plant blueberries because they saw them as a sustainable crop that would provide an opportunity to develop a financially viable family farm.

The Carlons’ goal is to replicate nature and produce high quality blueberries with no off-farm inputs. They are working to create a fair and positive working environment, improve the natural aspects of their land, and integrate their farm into the larger natural landscape including the watershed, native habitat, and wildlife. Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm is one of the oldest blueberry farms in California.


California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)


Volcanic based silty loam soil. Native grasses are grown as permanent cover crops between rows of berries and sawdust mulch is applied to build up the soil quality.

Water Use

Water is the most limiting component of production. They use on-site wells using solar power to drip irrigate and try to eliminate water run-off.

Weed Control

Hand weeding and machine cultivation.

Pest Management

The only bothersome pests are birds, but the Carlons accept that birds will eat some berries during the harvest time and do not worry much about it.

Fun Fact

Blueberries are one of the few popular edible fruits native to North America. They have been eaten by Native Americans for many hundreds of years.


Forest Ranch, California


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