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Larry and Rosalyn Miyamura, along with 2 part-time market helpers.


Larry is third-generation Japanese- American. He was born in an internment camp in Tule Lake, and grew up in a family that farmed pears and peaches in Placer County. He’s a Vietnam veteran who had a career working as a computer programmer for the state of California. He started sport-fishing in the mid-1970s, and would spend his weekends fishing for striped bass and salmon. In 1997, he retired from his career in order to focus on commercial fishing. His wife, Rosalyn, works full-time, and he says this is the crucial formula to make a small-scale fishing business like his successful: a working wife. Larry has become an activist in the fight against salmon farming, and in the promotion of small-scale, sustainable fisheries. He is a member of the California Salmon Council, which recently received a grant to work towards receiving Marine Stewardship Council certification as a sustainable fishery.


Until 2008, Larry caught his own salmon. Shogun Fish currently sells a wide variety of seafood and specializes in troll-caught wild king salmon. Larry pays close attention to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list, and bases all his product choices on their recommendations for sustainability.



Loomis, California


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