Saint Benoit Creamery

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Benoît de Korsak along with 3 full time and 12 part-time employees.


Benoît brought his family to the United States from France in 2003 to start a yogurt business. His goal has always been to bring an artisanal yogurt with a French taste to the San Francisco Bay area using environmentally friendly packaging. All yogurt is sold in reusable ceramic containers and glass jars. St. Benoît yogurt is made in small batches in Sonoma County. Yogurt cultures are added to the milk in a 200-gallon vat and then crocks are filled with the mixture, incubated, and refrigerated, a process that takes 24 hours. The yogurt sold on Saturday morning is started on Friday morning. The Saint Benoit facility has been certified organic by CCOF since 2009.


All milk is organic and comes from the Jersey cows at Diamond M Dairy in Petaluma. Jams for “fruit at the bottom” flavors come from Lagier Ranches and honey for honey yogurt comes from Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey (both are sellers at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market).

Fun Fact

Saint Benoît (French for Saint Benedict) founded several monastic communities across Europe. For centuries, these communities have crafted some of the best artisan food products in the world.


Petaluma, California


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