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Thomas Odermatt along with 5 full-time and 7 part-time employees.


Thomas founded RoliRoti in 2001 after studying agriculture in Zurich, Switzerland and working to improve conditions for the animals on his family’s rabbit farm in Hungary. As a marketing student at UC Berkeley, Thomas was required to create a business plan for a fictitious business, and it was out of this project that RoliRoti was born. Most of RoliRolti’s chickens are roasted within 2 days of slaughter. They are spiced and then spit-roasted at low heat for about 90 minutes on rotisseries in specially built trucks.


All of RoliRoti’s chickens are from Fulton Valley Farm raised in Northern California’s Central Valley. About 20% of the chickens are organic; the rest are raised without antibiotics and are never fed animal by-products. Chickens are raised in open houses with equal space available outside to roam, and they eat soybeans and corn. All other meats are from Heritage Foods USA, a company that supplies pasture-raised, antibiotic-free meats. Potatoes are from Zuckerman’s Farm, a seller at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Herbs are organic and kosher, from a supplier based in Los Angeles.

Fun Fact

Thomas is the son of a Metzgermeister (Swiss for Master Butcher).


Hayward, California


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