Tory Putnam


Thomas Odermatt, along with 10 full-time and 10 part-time employees.


Thomas founded RoliRoti in 2002 after studying agriculture in Zurich, Switzerland, and working to improve conditions for the animals on his family’s rabbit farm in Hungary. As a marketing student at UC Berkeley, Thomas was required to create a business plan for a fictitious business, and it was out of this project that RoliRoti was born.


All of RoliRoti’s chickens are free range and raised without antibiotics. They are never fed animal by-products. They are raised in open houses with equal space available outside to roam. Most of RoliRolti’s chickens are roasted within two days of slaughter. They are spiced and then spit-roasted at low heat for about 90 minutes on rotisseries in specially built trucks.

All other meats are from Heritage Foods USA and Heritage Acre, a company that supplies pasture-raised, antibiotic-free meats. Potatoes are from Zuckerman’s Farm, a seller at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Herbs are organic and kosher, from a supplier based in Los Angeles.

Fun Fact

Thomas is the son of a Metzgermeister (Swiss for “master butcher”).


Hayward, California


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