Rojas Family Farms

Market Days




Ramon and Sonia Rojas along with 12 full-time and 80 part-time or seasonal employees.


112 acres in Exeter, about 200 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Frank Paredez’s grandfather and father came to the US from Mexico in 1911. His grandfather worked on the railroad, traveling the US until he settled in Fresno. Soon after in 1918, he purchased the family farm in Tulare County to farm with his son (Frank’s father). Frank grew up on the farm, learning from both his father and grandfather and eventually took over the family farm in 1980. Frank passed control of his farming operation to his long-time partner Ramon Roja in 2011.

Tulare County farm advisors help the Rojas decide what crops and techniques work best for the local conditions. They use this advice and feedback from market customers to decide what crops to plant. They prides themselves on selling the freshest and best tasting fruit possible. They pick the fruit at its peak flavor and try to spray it as little as possible to defray costs and care for the environment.




Sandy loam and clay soil. They use compost, cover crops, leave crop stubble, rotate crops, use synthetic and organic fertilizers, and apply both aged and raw manure to build up the soil.

Water Use

Water is pumped from on-site wells and canals that run from local dams that collect runoff from nearby hills. They irrigate using flood, furrow, and drip techniques.

Weed Control

Hand weeding, machine cultivation, and synthetic and organic herbicides.

Pest Management

The Rojas release beneficial insects, create habitat for beneficials, use pheremone disruptors, apply synthetic and organic pesticides, and use crop rotation to manage pests on the farm.

Fun Fact

Rojas Family Farms uses feedback from farmers market customers to decide what crops to plant.


Exeter, California


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