Prather Ranch Meat Co.

Market Days





Owners Doug Stonebreaker, along with 8 full-time and 8 part-time employees


Prather Ranch Meat Company (PRMC) began as the retail arm of Prather Ranch. Though PRMC still sells Prather Ranch beef, they are now a separate business and retailer of a variety of meats. The beef is from a herd that has been closed since the late 1800s,  fed on grass, hay, and  rice bran that is grown on the ranch. The beef is also dry aged. At the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, PRMC sells their all beef hot dogs, house made chili, and sausage sandwiches.


All PRMC meats come from their retail establishment inside the Ferry Building, a meat shop that sources from family-owned ranches in California and Oregon. Their beef is organic, and all beef, pork, and lamb is Certified Humane. Bread is from Acme Bread Company and is made locally with organic flour. Condiments are mostly organic, and produce is sourced from the farmers’ market. PRMC also sells carbonated beverages that do not contain high fructose corn syrup.

Fun Fact

PRMC was the second meat shop in the country to be Certified Humane and sells only products that meet the standards of the program.


San Francisco, California


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