Market Days




Dennis, Daniel, and David Lee plus 3 staff members for their market booth.


The Lee brothers founded Namu in 2007 with the intention of serving contemporary California cuisine with an Asian flair. Chef Dennis says: “Many of the treaments are Korean- and Japanese-based because that is my training (I learned to cook from my mother and in her and her sister’s restaurants).” The Lees felt the contemporary American restaurant world lacked diversity and set out to serve food they loved and were inspired by. Namu developed their kim bap tacos as “sort of a culinary touche’” to the very popular Kogi taco truck in Los Angeles. Rather than using corn tortillas, however, the tacos will be served in more traditional seaweed wraps.


Namu uses local and pasture-raised meat whenever possible. The vegetables they use come mainly from Heirloom Organics, County Line, Full Belly Farm and Capay Organics.

Fun Fact

The Lee brothers and their staff often bike down to the Ferry Plaza markets and haul their produce back to the Richmond district on their backs.


San Francisco, California


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