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Executive Director Caleb Zigas, Retail and Communications Program Associate Julie Flynn. Program Manager Leticia Landa, and Kitcehn and Facilities Manager Matt Skov; La Cocina assists 27 businesses and has 7 graduates.


La Cocina (which means “the kitchen” in Spanish) is a non-profit organization that serves as a platform for low-income culinary entrepreneurs by providing access to a certified commercial kitchen, appropriate training, and technical assistance. The entrepreneurs’ businesses range from packaged food companies to catering services. La Cocina also rents commercial kitchen space to established businesses. The fully equipped commercial kitchen is about 4,400 square feet, with 4 prep stations, a tilting skillet, 2 convection ovens, a 6-burner range and a professional fryer and mixer. Each month, La Cocina highlights an individual producer at their Ferry Plaza Farmers Market stand.


At the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, the offerings at La Cocina’s stand change periodically, but are always from the small businesses that use La Cocina’s kitchen and other services. Businesses vary widely in terms of where they buy their raw ingredients and what percentage of ingredients are local or organic, so ask about specific products to learn more.

Fun Fact

The food made at La Cocina includes everything from organic Mexican food to artisan truffles to slow-roasted tofu.


San Francisco, California


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