Hapa Ramen

Market Days





Richie Nakano, along with 2 to 3 additional part-time employees.


Richie Nakano started Hapa Ramen as a pop-up before debuting his stand at the Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Hapa makes a style of noodles called Nakanoramen, which loosely translates to “noodles in” or “noodles in season.” Richie spent several years developing the ultimate broth recipe, which is a hybrid of tonkotsu pork bone broth and shoyu broth. For vegetarians, Hapa also makes a seasonal miso-based broth: corn in the summer, squash in the winter, and many variations in between.


All of the produce comes from Bay Area farmers, many at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Hapa Ramen uses only humanely raised pork and chicken. Pigs are butchered whole so that Hapa can offer a variety of chasu. The noodles are a custom, organic recipe made by Yamachan.

Fun Fact

Richie cooks his broth for as long as 72 hours.


San Francisco, California


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