Cremeux Ex Machina

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Jenny Ko and Alex Saneski.


Jennifer and Alex met while attending the French Culinary Institute in New York City. After working in the gelato industry for several years, they decided to open their own business in California, Jennifer’s home state, because gelato is a product that thrives on ingredients, and California is, in Alex’s opinion, the only place that has everything to make it great. They are located on the Chileno Valley Jersey Dairy, from which they get organic raw milk and pasteurize it to make their gelato base. “Milk is like a canvas,” Alex says.


Cremeux sources fruit from Ferry Plaza vendors like Devoto Orchards, Tory Farms, Yerena Farms, Brokaw Nursery, and Hamada Farms. For their sorbetti, they use Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water. Non-Californian ingredients like coffee and chocolate are either direct or fair trade and sometimes single origin. With produce like pineapples or mangoes, Alex fuses local ingredients to make something that is still Californian but celebrates the ethnic diversity of this area.


Fun Fact

Gelato has less fat (under 10%) and air than ice cream because the frozen liquid is scraped off the sides of the gelato machine rather than churned.


Petaluma, California


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