Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke

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Market Days





Cap’n Mike and Sally Hiebert, along with full-time employees Michelle and Jeff, and the market lox sandwich staff.


Cap’n Mike’s first career was as a Methodist minister and pastoral counselor. In the late ‘80s, he moved to Bodega Bay, became a licensed sea captain and started fishing commercially and smoking his catch. Cap’n Mike’s fish is prepared using traditional Pacific Northwest methods. It is brined and air-dried, then smoked slowly over Alderwood coals in a large custom-made metal smoker designed by the Cap’n. Smoke is piped into the chamber from a separate woodburning stove, allowing excellent temperature and smoke control. Along with their vacuum-packaged fish to take home, the Cap’n and Sally make a San Francisco Lox Sandwiches, soups, and salads to eat at the market on Thursdays and Saturdays.


When he started, the Cap’n caught all his own fish, but as business became busier, he began to rely on fish caught by other fisherfolk. All fish are wild and from The Pacific ocean. Honey for salmon candy is sourced locally and sea salt is from France. All products are chemical-, nitrate- and preservative-free. Almost all ingredients in the Lox Sandwich are sourced from Ferry Plaza farms and artisans.


Fun Fact

In the early 1990s, Sally was a customer at the Marin farmers market with her eye on the "salmon dude." Turns out he had his eye on her, too!


Rohnert Park, California


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