Capay Organic

Courtesy of Capay Organic


Thaddeus and Freeman Barsotti and Noah and Che Barnes, along with 25 full-time and 50 part-time employees.


450 acres in Capay, about 90 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, plus 600 acres in the Imperial Valley, about 600 miles away.

Farm History

Capay Organic is a second-generation family farm founded in 1976 by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes. After graduating from UC Davis, Kathy borrowed money to purchase her first 20 acres. The Barsotti family has always believed in growing produce organically. The farm was the second organic farm in Yolo County and the first organic farm in Capay Valley. In 1992, Kathy Barsotti also started one of the first community supported agriculture programs in California, Farm Fresh to You. The Barsottis and Barneses feel a great responsibility to take care of their land and pass it on to future generations.


California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)

Fun Fact

The farm prides itself on regularly introducing new crops to the marketplace. Cherry tomatoes, sweet pea flowers, Ambrosia melons, and heirloom tomatoes are a few of the crops that Capay first introduced.


Capay, California


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