Capay Canyon Ranch

Market Days




Stan and Leslie Barth and their children, Tirzah, Todd and Tobin, along with 5 full-time and 20 part-time employees.


122 acres in Esparto, about 85 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Stan Barth farmed with his brothers until he established Capay Canyon Ranch with Leslie in 1978. They started growing almonds, and in 1982 planted table grapes to diversify their operation. Capay Canyon Ranch is a small family farm continuing into the next generation: Stan and Leslie’s son Todd manages the almond processing plant and grapes, while their daughter Tirzah is in charge of grape sales. All grapes and some almonds that the Barths sell are certified organic. On the rest of the almonds, the Barths use synthetic pesticides to control pests, and synthetic fertilizers for soil fertility.


Grapes are certified organic by Farm Verified Organic (FVO).

Fun Fact

Tirzah and Todd started selling grapes at several farmers markets in their early teens. The aspiring chef and grower, respectively, are a perfect combination to promote produce to the public.


Esparto, California


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