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Brooks and Daughters


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Jim and Corie Brooks, along with 1 occasional seasonal employee.


5 acres in Forestville, about 60 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farm History

Jim Brooks and his wife, Corie, who has a background as a food scientist, launched their sprout business in 1996. They named their business “Brooks and Daughters” in honor of their two young girls. They are proud of their business and sell 95% of their sprouts directly to consumers.

Brooks and Daughters uses only clean water and organic compost on their sprouts. All sprouts are started on specially designed racks under a large shaded structure. As the seeds begin to sprout, they are planted in soil on 17” x 17” open-bottom nursery flats and moved into greenhouses. The sprouts then grow for 1 to 4 weeks in the greenhouses before they are ready for market.



Water Use

City water.

Weed Control

By hand.


Sea kelp enzyme is applied to wheatgrass.

Fun Fact

Prior to starting Brooks and Daughters, Jim was a fifth-generation cheesemaker.


Forestville, California


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