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January 27, 2012

New Standards for Humane Eggs


sites/default/files/eggs_colorful_1.jpgAs of February 2012, the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), the nonprofit that manages the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, has adopted a new standard that allows only pasture-raised eggs to be sold in our markets. This new standard currently applies only to fresh eggs sold by farmers, not to ingredients used by restaurants or artisans.

The Market Rules & Regulations state:
Egg producers and egg handlers may only sell pasture-raised eggs. For purposes of this restriction, pasture-raised eggs shall be defined as follows: birds are kept outside (as the season and daylight hours permit), utilizing a movable or stationary house for shelter, and they have constant access (as conditions allow) to fresh-growing palatable vegetation, with protection from predators when needed.

Pastured Egg Sellers
Eatwell Farm (Saturday)
Happy Quail Farms (Tuesday and Saturday, seasonally)
Marin Sun Farms (Saturday)
Rolling Oaks Ranch (Tuesday & Saturday)

Restaurants That Use Pastured Eggs
(Source of eggs may vary seasonally depending on supply)
4505 Meats

Pizza Politana
Prather Ranch

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